Fall Creek Little League

About Our Club

Fall Creek Little League is in the business of shaping young lives for over 60 years. We are about more than just baseball or softball. Sportsmanship, Loyalty, Courage and Respect are the four cornerstones of the League's mission. To help prepare our children for a lifetime of experience is our goal. The challenges presented in the simple games of baseball and softball are parallel to those one finds in real life. The ability to overcome adversity; to set and achieve goals; to be able to handle the emotions of winning and losing; to learn to deal with different and diverse types of people; to forge life-long friendships; to secure a confidence in themselves as individuals. These are the skills we want to impart to our children in a safe and protected environment. To achieve these lofty goals; however, requires your help.

In 1955, Fall Creek was fir...
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Apr 25,2015

Opening day

Parade, throwing of the first pitch, team pictures, carnival games, food, and a one-inning scrimmage

Apr 04,2015

Field Clean Up Day

Field Clean-up Day will be Saturday 4/4/15 

Mar 28,2015

Dicks Shopping Day


Field Status

Partially Open Partially Open

FCLL (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Closed Closed

Hayes (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Closed Closed

Christiansen (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Closed Closed

Commons (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Open Open

Rice (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Open Open

Deering (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Open Open

Kurtz (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Open Open

Korb (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

Open Open

Zender (05:27 PM | 03/30/15)

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