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Teaching Fundamentals of the Game

Pre-Game and Practice

Managers will:

•      Make sure that players are healthy, rested and alert.

•      Make sure that players returning from being injured have a medical release form signed by their doctor. Otherwise, they cannot play.

•      Make sure players are wearing the proper uniform and catchers are wearing a cup.

•      Make sure that the equipment is in good working order and is safe.

•      Agree with the opposing manager on the fitness of the playing field. In the event that the two managers cannot agree, the President or a designated representative shall make the determination.

•      Be open to ideas, suggestions or help.

•      Enforce that prevention is the key to reducing accidents to a minimum.

•      Always have First-Aid Kit and Safety Manual on hand.

•      Use common sense.


•      Catching fly balls

•      Sliding correctly

•      Proper fielding of ground balls

•      Simple pitching motion for balance

•      Light tosses short distance.

•      Light tosses medium distance.

•      Light tosses large distance.

•      Medium tosses medium distance.

•      Regular tosses medium distance.

•      Batting

•      Field pop flies


•      Enforce the rule that no bats and balls are permitted on the field until all players have done their proper stretching.

•      Light jog around the field before starting throwing warm-ups that should follow this order:

Calf muscles                Hamstrings                  Quadriceps                  Groin              Back                  

Shoulders                      Elbow/forearm          Arm shake out            Neck

Teaching Fundamentals of the Game

During the Game Managers will:

•      Make sure that players carry all gloves and other equipment off the field and to the dugout when their team is up at bat.

•      No equipment shall be left lying on the field, either in fair or foul territory.

•      Keep players alert.

•      Maintain discipline at all times.

•      Be organized.

•      Keep players and substitutes sitting on the team’s bench or in the dugout unless participating in the game or preparing to enter the game.

•      Make sure catchers are wearing the proper equipment.

•      Encourage everyone to think Safety First.

•      Observe the "no on-deck" rule for batters and keep players behind the screens at all times.

•      No player should handle a bat in the dugouts at any time.

•      Keep player’s off fences.

•      Get players to drink often so they do not dehydrate.

•      Do Not play children that are ill or injured.

•      Attend to children that become injured in a game.

•      Do not lose focus by engaging in conversation with parents and passerby’s

Post Game Managers will:

•      Cool down exercises with the players.

•      Light jog

•      Stretching as noted above.

•      Those who throw regularly (pitchers and catchers) should ice their shoulders and elbows.

•      Catchers should ice their knees.

•      Do not leave the field until every team member has been picked up by a known family member or designated driver.

•      Notify parents if their child has been injured no matter how small or insignificant the injury is.  There are no exceptions to this rule. This protects you, Little League Baseball, Incorporated and FCLL. If an injury occured, make sure an accident report was filled out and given to the FCLL Safety Director.

•      If a near miss occurred fill out an accident report and identify the report as a “near miss”

•      Return the field to its pre-game condition, per FCLL policy.

If a manager knowingly disregards safety, he or she will come before the Fall Creek Little League Board of Directors to explain his or her conduct.

Field Status

Open Open

FCSB at Lawrence Community Park (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Korb Field at Lee Rd Park (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Korb Field at Lawrence Community Park (Field 1) (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Rookie Field 8 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Rookie Field 9 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

JrMinor Field 7 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Minor Field 5 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 3 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 4 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 5 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 2 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Fall Creek Shed (11:21 AM | 06/20/19)

Open Open

Field 2 (09:13 PM | 04/09/21)

Open Open

Korb Field (09:37 AM | 04/13/21)

Open Open

Westhoff Field (10:46 PM | 04/21/19)

Open Open

Field 7 (07:38 PM | 04/30/21)