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Fall Creek Softball & Baseball Fall Ball Registration is OPEN bring some friends and lets play ball!!


Coaches & Managers responsibilities include:

1.      Identify a Team Parent

2.     Encourage team members to report before games at least one half hour prior to games for proper warm-ups

3.     Ensure that the code of conduct is being upheld.

4.    Ensure that all safety rules are being followed.

5.     Ensure that any Injury Reports are completed and filed with the League Duty Officer when an incident has occurs.

6.     Review fields and equipment for safe play prior to game or practice.

7.    Rake fields around all bases and mounds after games. 

8.    Clean up dugouts after games

9.    Major/Minor & Major League Coaches are to log pitchers and pitches in score book during games.

10.  If lighting is seen, no matter how far away, the fields will be cleared and people will be asked to seek shelter for at least 15 minutes.  If lighting is not seen during
       this time, play will resume. 

11.  shall always be responsible for the team’s conduct, observance of the official rules and deference to the umpires.

12.  will be responsible for the safety of his players. He/She is also ultimately responsible for the actions of designated coaches.

13.  If the Head Coach leaves the field, he/she shall designate a Coach as a substitute and such Substitute shall have the duties, rights and responsibilities of the 
       Head Coach.

14.  Make sure equipment is in first-rate working order.

15.  Make sure that telephone access is available at all activities including practices. It is suggested that a cellular phone always be on hand.

16   Do Not expect more from their players than what the players are capable of.

17.  Help players strive to do their Best

Field Status

Open Open

FCSB at Lawrence Community Park (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Korb Field at Lee Rd Park (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Korb Field at Lawrence Community Park (Field 1) (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Rookie Field 8 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Rookie Field 9 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

JrMinor Field 7 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Minor Field 5 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 3 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 4 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 5 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Field 2 (11:24 PM | 05/17/21)

Open Open

Fall Creek Shed (11:21 AM | 06/20/19)

Open Open

Field 2 (09:13 PM | 04/09/21)

Open Open

Korb Field (09:37 AM | 04/13/21)

Open Open

Westhoff Field (10:46 PM | 04/21/19)

Open Open

Field 7 (07:38 PM | 04/30/21)