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Regular Inspection & Equipment Replacement

Regular Inspection and Replacement of Equipment

Prior to the beginning of the season, the FCSB Equipment Manager inspects all equipment and determines what equipment needs to repaired or replaced.

Managers & Coaches work in conjunction with the equipment manager to ensure that all equipment is in safe condition.

Instruct all managers and umpires to inspect equipment before and during each game for good working and safe condition.

A batting helmet that is cracked and other bad equipment will be destroyed by the equipment manager.

Managers will report any equipment problems to the equipment manager.  If there is an immediate problem (during a game), the officer of the day will be notified.  The officer of the day can get replacement equipment out of the equipment building.

Any accident or near misses due to equipment issues are to be reported on the “injury reporting form” located in a folder marked “Injury Reports” located in the concession stand.

All equipment shall be kept in the dugout or in designated fenced-in areas during games.

Before games umpires, managers and coaches will inspect the playing field to make sure that there are no dangerous materials on the ground or the fences, such as: sticks, rocks, glass, or holes.

If a hazard is found on one of the fields and cannot be taken care of immediately, it must be reported to the officer of the day.  The officer of the day will report the problem to the Grounds Director. 

After each game the managers will make sure that all waste is removed from the field and again inspect the entire playing field for dangerous materials on the ground or the fences, such as sticks, rocks, glass, or holes.

In addition, after each game the managers will also check the spectator areas for waste and potential dangerous materials left behind and remove them so that the next game starts in a clean and safe environment for the next group of spectators, players, and coaches.

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