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Rookies 3.5-6 years of age

Format for Rookies Fall Ball
For both girls and boys age 3 thru age 5. This is a great way for young players to learn fundamentals. 

Fall Ball for Rookies really spends more time on developing the various skills of playing baseball or softball and a lesser amount on playing actual games Each Saturday session lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

We typically assign 6 to 8 children per team and we schedule 2 teams for each session.
At the beginning of the session, we put the teams together in one group. We begin the session with a lesson about the terminology of the game as well as the geography of a ball diamond.

For our first drill, we begin with a “Running to first base” drill where we emphasize running fast, running through the base and tailing off to the right. This is a great way to get them warmed up.

We will break out into teams and split the field in half. Each team will have approximately four stations with different skills being worked on at each station.
(We do enlist the help of many parents to run each station.)

We typically have 4 of the following 5 stations each day:

• Live Hitting – We like for our coach pitchers to get eye level with the batter by either kneeling or sitting on a bucket and work on the hands, the stance and the swing.

• Hitting off the tee – “See the Ball Hit the Ball”

• Ground ball station – Emphasis on being “Baseball Ready” and using proper techniques such as the “Alligator” for catching ground balls

• Catching station – We work on hand/eye coordination here. From a very short distance, we toss balls to players who are barehanded to begin in order to emphasize catching with two hands and working eventually with a glove. We use squeeze baseballs and tennis balls.

• Throwing station - We work on proper throwing techniques.

The hitting stations are one player at a time while the other stations will be multiple players. So at the non-hitting stations, a player will be there for more than 1 rotation.
Each rotation is between 5 and 8 minutes and is impacted by the number of players present and other factors.
For the ground ball and catching stations, we want a lot of reps. So as the coaches roll or toss balls to players, the players catch the ball and drop it in a bucket and get ready for the next ball. We don’t want players throwing the balls back to the coaches…this will only lead to spending time more time chasing down balls and less time on catching them.

The skills stations portion will run from 45 to 60 minutes and will conclude when everyone has been through each station,

We will then stage a one inning game between the two teams where every player will have one at bat. We begin with live pitching and may invoke the batting tee if we are not having success with the live pitching. The game will last around 20 minutes.

Our last activity of the session is called the “Bucket Game”. We setup a pyramid of 6 buckets for each team. Each team gets a bucket of baseballs and players on each team take turns trying to knock the buckets down from a relative short distance. For each bucket that goes done, that team gets a point. This activity is a big favorite of the players.

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