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Baseball Rules: Jr Minor Division

Updated: 4/23/22

Game Rules

  1. The Jr. Minor division does keep score
  2. Games will consist of 4 innings with a 1hr 15min time limit.  At the end of the time limit, all teams must leave the field so the next game can begin, score will revert back to last complete inning.
  3. Maximum number of runs per inning is 6
  4. 3 outs per team per inning
  5. Once an infielder has control of the ball in the infield dirt, the player should hold the ball up and ask for time, play is then dead. If runners are beyond half way to the next base the can advance. If runners are not half way to the next base they must go back to the base last touched.
  6. Runners may not advance on overthrows where the ball is thrown in foul territory. Runners are not restricted on overthrows in fair territory.
  7. There are no assigned umpires for these games. The defensive coaches or base coaches closest to each base should make the call.
  8. Disputes are to be settled at the mound. If a dispute cannot be settled quickly (30 second) coaches shall play Rock, Paper, Scissors and winner makes the call.  This includes disputes about rules.  Be good sports, have fun and remember: there are no baseball emergencies.
  9. No arguing or poor sportsmanship from players, coaches, parent’s, or fan’s will be tolerated!  Any person violating this rule will be given one (1) warning, after that should the poor sportsmanship continue the individual coach, player, parent or fan, will be suspended from the current game and the next upcoming game. A suspended coach, player, parent or fan will be required to leave the entire park by the Officer of the Day.  Should they refuse to leave the game, it will become a forfeit and also result in a Ban from any remainder League activity for the calendar year. 
  10. The baseball used will be a regulation soft Tee Ball baseball
  11. Games can end in a tie, no extra innings will be played

Pitching Rules

  1. Coaches will pitch overhand to their own players. If a batted ball hits the pitcher-coach or bucket, the ball is ruled a "dead ball.". It does not count against the batter.
  2. Pitcher shall be no closer than 20ft to the batter. To speed game play, pitcher shall use bucket for balls. An adult shall shag passed balls for catcher, returning them to pitcher between batters
  3. Six pitches are maximum number of pitches a batter is allowed. If the batter does not swing on the 6th pitch, the batter is out. If the 6th pitch is fouled off, the batter will get another pitch and so forth.

For the first 5 games there shall be no strikeouts.

Beginning with the sixth game batters will be out after 3 strikes. If third strike Is an un-caught foul ball, the batter will get another pitch. All foul tips caught by the catcher are strikes.

Hitting Rules

  1. A continuous batting order will be used. All players present will bat.
  2. No walks, stolen bases or lead-offs are allowed. The runners cannot leave the base until the ball is hit.
  3. Bunting is not allowed.
  4. There are no automatic outs. If a player needs to leave , just skip over that spot in the batting order.
  5. The maximum bat size for this division is 2 ¼ inch barrel.
  6. A runner is out if the runner does not slide or attempt to avoid contact with a fielder that is making a play a the base. If a player attempts a headfirst slide into any base they are OUT.

Fielding Rules

  1. Each team will field 10 defensive players (if they have them). 1 pitcher’s helper, 1 catcher, 4 infielders, and 4 outfielders. No outfield can be positioned near or behind 2nd base.
  2. No outfielder can make an unassisted infield play at a base, excluding caught fly balls. The intent is to teach infield players to cover their respective base and the outfielder to make appropriate throws to the base.
  3. The Pitcher’s helper can be not closer to the batter than the Pitcher, it is required to wear a batting helmet with face guard and a heart guard. No exceptions! It is highly recommended that catchers wear protective cups.
  4. Players may field any position as assigned by the coaches. Coaches are to rotate players defensively and give all players opportunities. Each player shall play no more than 2 innings at one position per game. All players must play a minimum of 2 innings in the infield per game, unless a safety concern is brought before the board.
  5. All players must be rotated in and out of the game. No player may sit out 2 innings before every player has sat out 1 inning.
  6. The “infield fly rule” does NOT apply.
  7. 2 defensive coaches are allowed in field of play to provide instructions to their team. They must be positioned in the outfield grass.


  1. The Home team is assigned 3rd base dugout for all games.
  2. The Home team is responsible for lining the diamond before the game.
  3. It is important that the Coaches teach the proper fundamentals, skills, positions, and attitudes on how the game is played. Coaches are highly encouraged to teach the players to make baseball plays, not to simply call time out. Coaches n the field are to assist players at the beginning of the season. Coaches should strive to teach players to play their positions independently, without coaches in the field. These players are out future, give them the opportunity to learn and have fun!
  4. If you have a concern please take it to the Officer of the Day. If you are not satisfied with the decision or result, a written request concerning the situation should be submitted to the Board of Directors for review.

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