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Spring 2020 Season has been cancelled.

Fall Creek Softball & Baseball


Fall Creek Tournament Rules

11U and 12U Teams


  1. Age cut-off date is May 1st.

  2. Games will be played on 50/70 diamond.

  3. Any judgment calls by an umpire may not be protested or argued. Umpires have the final say.

  4. No Protested Games: Rules interpretation may be argued as soon as the dispute arises. The umpire and/or Tournament Director will resolve the dispute before play resumes. All decisions are final.

  5. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of the team and fans. No arguing or poor sportsmanship from players, coaches, parent’s, and fan’s will be tolerated. Any team violating this rule will be given one (1) warning, the second, the individual coach, player, parent or fan, will be suspended from the current game and the next upcoming game. A suspended coach, player, parent or fan will be removed from the entire park.

  6. Home Team Designation. During pool play, the umpire will conduct a coin flip prior to the game with the team that traveled the furthest calling the flip. During elimination rounds the home team will be the higher seed and will occupy the 3rd base dugout.  A coin flip will determine the home team in bracketed play if the seeds are the same.

  7. Grace Period: A 10-minute grace period will be extended after the scheduled start of the game.  If, after this period of time has expired and a team has not shown itself ready to play, the game will be forfeited.

  8. Minimum Players to Play: The minimum number of players to start and finish a game is eight (8).  The opposite team can enforce an automatic out in the 9th batting position. This will be decided before the game and notified to umpire and tournament director.

  9. Complete game: A complete game will consist of six (6) innings, however, the 10-run rule will apply after four (4) innings, 15-run rule after three (3) innings, or 8-run rule after five (5) innings. 

  10. Time Limit: A one (1) hour forty-five (45) minute time limit is in effect for all games except the semifinals and championship games. A new inning cannot start after the time limit has expired. 

  11. Playing Time: All players must play a minimum of two (2) innings in a six (6) or seven (7)-inning game. 

  12. NO METAL spikes


  1. The team will bat all dressed players.

  2. The maximum bat size allowed is a 2 5/8”. No flatten or dented bats allowed.  2 1/4” bats are permitted and must have a 1.15 BPF Stamp.

  3. A batter throwing his/her bat will be given one (1) team warning. A second offense by any batter will be considered out.

  4. No fake bunts are allowed. A batter cannot show bunt then swing away, doing so will result in the batter being called out.


  1. Each pitcher may not pitch more than three (3) innings per game and no more than twelve (12) innings per tournament; this includes both pool play and tournament play. Even one (1) pitch thrown in any inning will constitute an inning pitched for that pitcher.

  2. When a pitcher is replaced in a game, he/she cannot re-enter the game as a pitcher.

  3. Reporting: Coaches must report all pitchers thrown and number of innings thrown immediately after each game. Pitch count forms are available on our web site for download and at the concessions office.  Violation of the pitching rules could result in forfeiture of games or disqualification from tournament, at the discretion of the tournament director.

  4. Two (2) trips to the mound in an inning to the same pitcher, on the third trip that pitcher must be replaced by another eligible pitcher.

  5. A pitcher will be removed from the position if he hits three (3) batters in an inning or a total of four (4) batters during the game.

  6. Balks will be called with one (1) warning per pitcher.



  1. In order to speed up the game, the speedy rule will apply for the catcher on base. This rule applies to the player who will be playing the Catcher position in the very next defensive inning ONLY. If the Catcher is on base, with two (2) outs, he can be replaced with another runner. The runner, who substitutes for the catcher on base, will be the player who made the last out. The base runner that is replaced MUST catch the complete next inning.

  2. Free substitution is allowed.

  3. Infield fly rule will apply.

  4. Dropped 3rd Strike will apply.

  5. There will be no completely replayed games. If the game has gone at least four (4) innings, then it will constitute a complete game. 3 ½ innings, if the home team is ahead.

  6. If a game is suspended in the middle of an inning due to weather or darkness and has completed the minimum number of innings to constitute it as a completed game, then the final result of that game will revert back to the previous full inning played.

  7. Leadoffs are allowed.

  8. The slide rule is in effect for all close plays at a base or plate. A player not sliding may be considered out in the judgment of the umpire, and the play is considered dead.

  9. Interference:

    1. Base runners who intentionally interfere with the defensive player will be called out.

    2. Defensive players must remain out of the base paths and not block bases or home plate.

    3. If a Defensive player interferes with the base runner or intentionally blocks a base or home plate without possession of the ball, the player is automatically awarded the base he was heading towards.

  10. Over Throws. Over throws that land in out of play territory shall result in the base runner(s) advancing one (1) base.

  11. Injured Base Runner. The last runner not to reach base will replace any runner sustaining an injury while running, on base.

30. Extra Innings

  1. Pool play games can end in a tie.

  2. Bracketed play has a time-limit for the games except the Semis and Championship 

  3. First extra inning is played as normal 

  4. Additional extra innings will use California rule and place a player on 2nd base and start with one out.  The player placed on 2nd base is the one who made the last out in the previous inning.    

    31. Tie breaker is broken down as follows;

    1. Head to Head

    2. Fewest runs allowed

    3. Runs Scored

    4. Coin toss

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